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  • 197 Acres

  • Lake bottom is fibrous peat, pulpy peat and sand

  • Public Access site off West St. and Hill Drive with parking and toilets.  Ramp is hard surfaced. Limited water depth may make launching and retrieving larger boats difficult.

  • Depths up to 58 feet

  • Best fishing - largemouth bass

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"Celebrating 40 Years"

Who We Are
Mission Statement - To promote and to operate as a community of common interest to protect and enhance the water quality, water safety, land values, enjoyment of property and social relations at Lake Cora, Van Buren County, Michigan.  To buy, sell, hold, lease and control real or personal property as may be incidental to the foregoing purposes but not for profit.
History - Prior to 1972, some small groups made attempts to form some kind of lake homeowners' association, but it wasn't until 1972 that the corporation as we know it took shape.

At that meeting, the group set six specific goals: to promote social activities, the general welfare of the lake, regulations on boats and non-residents as needed, historical interest, conservation and pollution control, the organization to air any suggestions beneficial to the lake.

Residents pay a yearly fee to cover the costs of maintaining water quality and other expenses as they occur.


A note from LCC Board

The Lake Cora Corporation strives to maintain and improve the environmental quality of Lake Cora while strengthening our riparian community.  Membership involvement is crucial to the success of our organization and the effective maintenance of the lake.  It is through the efforts of many of our neighbors that we as a community can boast a clean healthy lake.  The selfless sacrifice of individuals’ time in conjunction with conscientious decision making allows us to successfully complete the various activities in which we endeavor.  However, without active membership all this is forfeit.  To become involved one can start by paying annual dues.  The next step is to communicate questions and concerns to the Directors and provide feedback where appropriate.  Finally, one can take a very active role by volunteering to be a Board Director or leading a special interest committee. 

Please become involved! 

I am certain that everyone who resides on Lake Cora is concerned for its current well-being, the condition that we leave it to our succeeding generation and for our neighbors we have yet to meet.

The Board of Directors

 Lake Cora Corporation